Balloon Flight


Not being able to fly over the temperature of 28ºC and at windy weather conditions hot air balloons are only flying at the early hours of the morning when the meteorological conditions are appropriate. Around 5 o’clock in the morning cars take our guests from hotels and drive them to flight area. Our guests have a little buffet breakfast while balloons are preparing for the flight. Balloons start to fly when it comes to the sun rise. There is no possibility to give direction to the balloons. They move through the direction of the winds. However at different altitudes there are winds on different directions. So the pilot searchs up and down for the appropriate direction that he want to use.

Balloons provide to see the sunrise by getting to the altitude of 1000 feet and gives possibility of watching the views of valleys and fairy chimneys by entering the valleys during the flight. After the flight we have a celebration with champagne . Besides a Baloon hat and a flight certificate is given to our guests. After all these balloon adventure our guests are driven back to the hotel by our cars..

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